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E-mail Setup

Generic IMAP/POP3 settings
For application-specific instructions, click here.

Your domain will have been assigned a three-character extension, normally the first three letters of your domain. Your username is the first part of your e-mail address, a period, and the extension.


We recommend IMAP for most users. All of your messages will be stored on the server, so it's no problem to check your mail from multiple computers, and your e-mail is safe if your computer dies. You can organize your messages into multiple folders, and you'll be able to access all of your folders if you switch to a different computer or a different e-mail client.

To configure your IMAP client, use these settings:


If you only check your mail from a single computer, or you use a dialup Internet connection that isn't always online, POP3 may be a good alternative. You won't have access to any folders on the server, so you'll need to use Webmail to check your spam quarantine folder periodically.

To configure your POP3 client, use these settings:


Use these settings for outgoing mail:

Mac OS X Mail and iPhone should use SSL on port 587 with Password authentication.